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Suzhou Xuenuo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise in the United States. It is the production base of LOVESHAW, LABELAIR and other world-famous enterprises and multinational corporations in China. For 16 years, it has focused on opening, sealing, labeling and typing machines for OEM back-end packaging equipment of the above companies. Its products are all over Europe and the United States. Country. In 2013, it was authorized by LOVESHAW to sell LOVESHAW brand to the Chinese market and customers as the general agent and after-sales service center of its products in mainland China. Meanwhile, it designed, developed and sold independent intellectual property brand products of Suzhou Snow which are more suitable for the Chinese market and provided related after-sales services.

    LOVESHAW, formerly affiliated with ITW (Illinois Tool Manufacturing Company), became a subsidiary of Carlyle Carlyle Investment Group in May 2014. LOVESHAW is a company specializing in packaging equipment for 50 years. Its Little David brand is well-known in the world. All kinds of equipment are famous for reliability, stability and durability. The main products are box opener, box sealer, inkjet printer and labeling machine. Each product has a series of different models and designs to meet the needs of the market and customers. The random semi-automatic box-sealing machine developed for Amazon, an American e-commerce company, has been purchased continuously every year, which solves the problem of packing cartons of different sizes and improves the efficiency of storage and distribution. Particularly in the European and American markets, Little David has won the favor of customers in many countries for its products and services with a good reputation for more than 50 years.…… Click to get more>>

Suzhou Xuenuo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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